This virtual space hosts a rich selection of photographs that tell the story of the beauty of Italy. From region to region, 20 galleries collect evocative and exciting shots, characterized by a single denominator: Beauty!  DUAFOTO ITALIA offers a breathtaking journey of discovery of the Bel Paese through the work of several photographers who decide to participate in a shared project, creating a true "virtual museum" of contemporary photography.

Places, people, traditions, lifestyles: in addition to landscape photography DUAFOTO ITALIA offers still life shots that, from design to fashion, from cuisine to handicrafts, tell of the Italian genius that has made "made in Italy" great in the world. 
The urban and rural landscape has always been at the center of artistic research and consequently the man who inhabits it, shapes it, observes it, drawing continuous inspiration from it.  

The first photograph in history portrays a landscape view: in fact, the shot with the "View from the window at Le Gras" taken by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce using the heliographic technique dates back to 1826. 
Photographic art over time has helped to better determine the concept of landscape, facilitating its knowledge, collaborating to raise a new awareness aimed at the protection of the landscape heritage and even outlining the legal definition of it, as it also appears in European conventions.  

Photography has facilitated the classification, investigation, knowledge and memory of the "territory" by helping to make visible the values and identity of places, interpreting the relationship that local communities build with them and the spaces that surround them.  

DUAFOTO ITALIA offers a contemporary account of the relationship between man and landscape: an all-Italian itinerary that moves from the eternal beauty of places and monuments to the ability to create lifestyles.